Gurl ....... Leaf that isshh behind E-Book

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Gurl...... Leaf that isshh behind is a therapeutic and plant-inspired guided journal to help women of color master the art of letting go. Journal is filled with daily plant analogies and puns

On a mission to break the silence and erase the stigma about mental health, the world's favorite mental health coach, best-selling author, and plant enthusiast Gentamu (Jen Jen) McKinney has now created a Plant Therapy line called  "Keep Calm and Plant", also known as  #KeepCalmNPlant.This therapeutic mental wellness and plant series will help you unpack and go beyond the green leaves, soil, and beautiful plant pictures and dive deep into mental wellness.  Just like plant therapy or horticultural therapy Keep Calm and Plant series will help plant lovers reduce anxiety, depression, and other daily stressors while also building self-confidence and self-compassion.  series highlights mental health awareness in a creative green thumb fashion while erasing the guilt, shame, and stigma associated with it.


Planting Mental Wellness Through Horticulture